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Import Canon EOS 60D videos to iDVD for burning on Mac
  • One of my friends got a Canon EOS 60D DSLR recently and shot many wonderful videos with it. However, when he copied these video clips to his Mac for playback, his troubles came. Although audio sounds are great, the video is choppy and skips. Choppy playback may be because his computer is underpowered, or overloaded with some other resource intensive application in the background (sometimes antivirus will do this, or the operating system's routine maintenance or search indexing function). Regardless of HD quality, now all he wants to do is to burn these videos to a DVD. The good thing is that playback quality doesn’t effect his conversion and DVD burning. Perhaps when you browse the article, you have the same problem to import EOS 60D videos to iDVD for burning. Now, I will show you the solution.
  • The Canon EOS 60D DSLR records its movies as MOV files using variable bitrates H.264 compression. So, before burning the video clips to DVD, you have to convert them to iDVD friendly format first. You might want to check apple/iMovie support section for Camcorder Models that are supported by iMovie 08 and 09. If it is supported, you can import by using iMovie with editing and finishing touches if you want and then send or share to DVD. If you don't want for that hassle, Canon 60D Video to iDVD Converter can finish the conversion instead.
    Following guide will make you clear about detailed steps for the high speed conversion.
    Preparation: Install and launch Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac
    After downloading the converter, install it on your iMac/Macbook and then run it. The software interface will appear in front of you.
  • Step 1: Pull Canon EOS 60D videos into the best EOS 60D Converter
    Connect your Canon EOS 60D DSLR with your Mac, copy all the MOV videos in Canon 60D to a file folder. And then click the "Add" button to pull them into the converter. All the video clips will be listed in the imported file field.
  • Step 2: Set the output format
    Click the “Format” drop-down list below the imported file field. Then you come to the output format menu, where you can choose a right output format. In the “Common Video” section, select “MPEG-4(*.mp4)” as iDVD friendly format ). Set the output routine in the “Output” box so that you can easily find the converted videos.
  • Step 3: Start Canon EOS 60D conversion to DVD format
    After the operations above finished, press the "Convert" button to start. The progress bar will show you how much has been done and this process will take you a few minutes.
  • With Canon 60D Video to iDVD Converter, Canon EOS 60D videos are converted to iDVD compatible format (MPEG-4, mp4) videos. Now, you can import the Canon EOS 60D videos to iDVD for burning.
  • Tips: Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac also can handle with some simple editing (“Editor” button) like trimming, cropping, watermarking, effect filtering and audio replacing before you import the Canon EOS 60D videos to iDVD.