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Meet all my expectations

Glen (Buck) Rogers | 2013-07-29
I have been using the product to convert some .MKV files so they can be displayed in more conventional formats (like .AVI). I am an amateur photographer, and I dabble in video creation every now and then. So far your product has met all expectations!

Very high quality and no sync problems

Hania Khan | 2013-03-26
I had a video that I could not convert no matter what I did to it, so I thought this will try Brorsoft out. Away we went and very quickly I must say, and the result, well it was very high quality and no synch problems. I really was impressed and I wish I could afford other software in your range because if they worked as well as the MKV Converter I would not need half the rubbish I have purchased in the past.

Works great and satisfy your needs

Bob Garland | 2013-02-22
I have downloaded the updated version per the instructions. All seems to be working fine now. I found your software through a search engine (MSN) and compared it to 3 others with the trial versions prior to selecting Brorsoft to buy. Overall, I am satisfied with the product.

A far superior product

Lancelot E.Alexander,Jr | 2013-01-18
The software is working perfectly!Simple and very straight forward in what you want to do. For that I thank the development team. I have a few movies I have downloaded in MKV format. My file output is VOB. I learned this is what DVD players use. I watch a movie, save it and if my friends or family want it I convert and burn it for them.

In my search to find a simple to understand, use and enjoy I found Brorsoft. I had to download and try about 15 different programs. From Super to Xilisoft. Most of them were too difficult for the average person. I prefer the program I use just works. Simple settings, no need to play around with 75 different settings to get what I want. I did try your free trial first. I had to decide which one best worked. I will be deleting them all and cleaning up my desktop now that have found what works. After I used your free trial and realized, it just works. Even with the water mark I knew this was the product for me. I purchased right away. The simplicity is perfect. Pick file, pick output and press go. The nicest thing about Brorsoft. I did not once have to go the the FAQ section. It is that easy to understand. Thank you for a far superior product.

So satisfied

lee croston | 2012-12-18
I cannot express how happy I am about purchasing Brorsoft. It has been one of the best purchases I have ever made. It enables me to convert 1080p videos in a way no other software can. The edit feature is one of the most valuable functions of the software. It enables me to just take the clips that I want, without having to convert the entire file. Not only does it make the conversion process more simple, but the converted files are big and crisp. I will definitely recommend this product to other filmmakers and editors. I am so satisfied with Brorsoft!
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