Brorsoft MOD Converter for Mac

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Meet your high expectation

Mary | 2012-12-11
There were one or two other similar programs, but I am running 10.4 still, and that made it the clear choice. So far it has worked as advertised--I can finally watch my movies from my JVC camera on my Mac using iMovie. Thanks for making a nice product.

Support for versatile editing software

Steve | 2011-09-25
I found you after conducting a Google search on converting MOD files.I needed to convert some JVC hard Disc camcorder video files to .mov so I could edit on my Mac (Final Cut)....your product works beautifully!

Works great and satisfy your needs

Eric |2010-03-24
I have downloaded the updated version per the instructions. All seems to be working fine now. I found your software through a search engine (MSN) and compared it to 3 others with the trial versions prior to selecting Brorsoft to buy. Overall, I am satisfied with the product.

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