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What is AVCHD?

  • AVCHD is the acronym of Advanced Video Coding High Definition and it is a format for the recording and playback of high definition video.
    AVCHD is a brand new high definition digital video camera recorder format recording 1080i*1 and 720p*2 signals onto certain media by using highly efficient codec technologies.Its extension file format may be:MTS,M2TS,M2T,TS,TR,TP,TRP,TOD,MOD ect.
  • The following is a brief introduction of the history of AVCHD:
    AVCHD is developded by Sony and Panasonic.And in 2006,the format was announced for use in high definition consumer camcorders.
    The first AVCHD camcorders were released in autumn of 2006.Folllowing Sony and Panasonic,Canon and JVC also released their consumer models.
  • As the widespread of the Blu-ray ,AVCHD has designed to be compatible with Blu-ray Disc format.

  • If you want to convert your camera videos to other video format:
    Please download Mod video converter for Mac or Tod video converter for Mac