Update of whole line Brorsoft BD, DVD, Video tools (Mac & Wins)
  • January 13, 2012 Brorsoft BD, DVD, Video tools both Windows and Mac version update again to offer perfect software to you. Take all of the customers’ suggestions; we update our whole line products adding new functions fixing bugs to make you have a better experience.
  • Updated Windows products:
    Blu-ray Ripper (V
    DVD Ripper (V
    MXF Converter (V
    Video Converter (V
    Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate (V1.0.5.3273)
  • Updated Mac products:
    Blu-ray Ripper for Mac (V2.7.7.3273)
    DVD Ripper for Mac (V2.5.7.3273)
    MXF Converter for Mac (V1.0.1.3273)
    Video Converter for Mac (V2.5.7.3273)
    iMedia Converter for Mac (V1.0.5.3273)
  • What’s new:
    1. Add the keyboard shortcuts control function at the “Video Editor” interface. "Space" controls the play and pause. "[" controls the Trim Start. "]" controls the Trim End. "↑" or "↓" controls the vertical flip of the video. "→" or "←" controls the flip horizontal of the video.
    2. Now it’s available for you to enter value as you like in the trim function (Before the showing time and entered time does not fit).
    3. Fix the problem of the limitation of the copy times and the watermark tip during the conversion.
    4. Fix the problem of showing messy code at the interface of the default output directory when the username is minor language.
    5. Add the translation of the tool tip and correct the button text of the language change and copy forms.
    6. Fix the problem of incorrect text and MouseOver when click the “Continue” button in the conversion window.
    7. Remove the blank of the “Video Editor” interface when importing an audio file.
    8. Remove the storage of the previous Volume settings.
    9. Optimize the Edge horn radian of the interface
    10. Correct the tips of the converting and D Diskcopy forms.
    11. Fix the problem that in certain case the program will suddenly quite after import the audio files for the Video Converter, MXF Conveter and Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate.