Brorsoft Products Update- ATV 5.1 Channel Applied & 2D to 3D Conversion Support
  • May 8, 2012 Brorsoft Video, DVD and Blu-ray Convert tools have an update for both Mac and Windows version. This update aims to add the profiles for new media devices like the Apple TV 3, HTC One X, etc. Besides, the most important and attractive update is the support of 2D to 3D conversion to let you get a 3D effect movie. Plus, we make ATV 5.1 Channel applied in our products to let ATV users enjoy video/audio with AC3 5.1 sound effect. We hope this update can optimize the user experience for all of you.
  • Updated Mac Products:
    MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac (V
    Video Converter for Mac(V
    MXF Converter for Mac (V
    Blu-Ray Ripper for Mac (V
    DVD Ripper for Mac (V
    MKV Converter for Mac (V
    FLV Converter for Mac (V
    Mod Converter for Mac (V
    TOD Converter for Mac (V
    iMedia Converter for Mac (V
  • Updated Windows Products:
    Video Converter (V1.1.1.3688)
    Blu-ray Ripper (V1.1.1.3688)
    DVD Ripper (V1.1.1.3688)
    MKV Converter (V1.1.0.3688)
    MXF Converter (V1.0.4.3688)
    FLV Converter (V1.1.0.3688)
    MOD Converter (V1.1.0.3688)
    MTS/M2TS Converter (V1.1.0.3688)
    TOD Converter (V1.1.0.3688)
    Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate (V1.0.8.3688)
  • What's new:
    1. Supplement profiles for the new media devices:
    HTC One X (Endeavor/Edge) Video(*.mp4)
    Dell Streak 5/ Streak 7 Video(*.mp4)
    Dell Streak 10 Video(*.mp4)
    LG Optimus Vu Video(*.mp4)
    Pantech Element Video(*.mp4)
    Eden Tab Video(*.mp4)
    ASUS Padfone Video(*.mp4)
    Toshiba Excite X10 Video(*.mp4)
    Nokia Lumia 900 MPEG-4 Video (*.mp4)
  • 2. Make Apple TV 5.1 channel applied to our products with supplement of new profiles for ATV2, AVT3:
    Apple TV 3 Dolby Digital Pass-through (*.m4v)
    Apple TV 2 Dolby Digital Pass-through (*.m4v)
    The two particular profiles are H.264 video files with AC3 5.1 pass through and AAC stereo. The default presets aim to create videos of iTunes store movie quality, and users can set higher quality up to 10mbps from “Settings” panel. Both AC3 and AAC audio are retained so that you can either let Apple TV pass-through Dolby Digital to A/V receiver to take advantage of your surround sound system, or have Apple TV decodes AAC and exports stereo audio.)
  • 3. Add the support of 2D to 3D conversion:
    This update adds the support of 2D to 3D video conversion with two models (Red-Blue & Red-Green ) and manual 3D Depth adjustment function.
  • 4. Improve the default bitratein Apple TV profile:
    Improve the default bitrate to 8,000; add 7,500 bitrate in Apple TV H.264 1920x1080(*.mp4) profile.
  • 5. Optimize the Effect user interface in Editor function:
    Add the accurate adjustment function for color control: brightness, contrast and saturation.