Apple officially announced iPhone 5 is to be released on October 4
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  • To industry sources, Apple will release the next generation of smartphone- iPhone 5 on the U.S. Pacific time 10 o 'clock in the morning of October 4. Apple ever chose in San Francisco to release iPhones. As for this time, why choose in California headquarters was still unknown. But earlier this week reports that this move has the intention to make use of the base station equipment of California headquarters to demo 4G LTE function.
  • Previously, sources have also claimed that the new generation- iPhone 5 adopts with dual-core processor A5 iPhone, 1GB RAM, 8 million pixel camera and supports "Assistant" voice navigation function, speech turning text technology and more. Besides, there are also industry insiders predict it may release a cheaper version of iPhone.
  • Besides, according to the Japanese blog site- Macotakara, it claimed that iPhone 5 will be released starting from United States, France, Germany, Japan and Britain on October 14.
  • Below are the four pictures of Apple fall launch invitation.
  • The first picture shows iPhone 5 will be released on October 4. The second picture shows that the exact time is 10 o’clock. The third picture shows that the launch location is in California headquarters and presents the map. The last one is not sure yet, may be is a new model.
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