The Latest Versions of Brorsoft Video, DVD, BD Convert Tools are Launched Today
  • March 6, 2012 In our efforts to develop and improve all Video, DVD, BD convert tools, the latest versions of all Brorsoft products (Windows version) have been released now in succession of the recent update of Brorsoft Video, DVD, BD Convert Tools for Mac version.
  • Updated Windows Products:
    Blu-ray Ripper (V1.0.9.3372)
    DVD Ripper (V1.0.9.3372)
    MKV Converter (V1.0.8.3372)
    MXF Converter (V1.0.2.3372)
    Video Converter (V1.0.9.3372)
    FLV Converter (V1.0.8.3372)
    Mod Converter (V1.0.8.3372)
    MTS/M2TS Converter (V1.0.8.3372)
    TOD Converter (V1.0.8.3372)
    Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate (V1.0.6.3372)
  • Compared with last version, the new versions have the differences below:
    1. Increase the list menu item “Customize Profile” in the tools menu which has the same function as the “Custom” in the profile list.
    2. Fix the problem of Audio/Video out of sync.
    3. Update the “CUDA/AMD” icon in the main interface.
    4. Add the user tip “Editing feature is not applicable to the current profile.” when you click the Edit icon under the circumstance setting the “Directly Copy” or “Remux” profile.
    5. Add the ATI accelerating function.
    6. Fix the problem that the software gets dead lock when click the conversion button to join all the trimmed clips after importing and trimming the one and same TiVo files repeatedly.
    7. Fix the problem of incomplete conversion of some video files.
  • Special new features of DVD Ripper, Blu-ray Ripper, Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate:
    1. Fix the problem that cannot make full disc copy of DVD ISO or IFO containing directory structure before.
    2. Improve the main interface and add functional icon: “Copy the entire disc”.