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1. How to remove the watermark in the middle of the converted files?

The watermark is the only difference/limitation between the trial version and full version. Once you register the product, the watermark will be removed. NOTE: To remove the watermark in the output, you need to reconvert the source files with the full version.

2. I Purchased the software and I received the code by email. But how do I enter the number?

Please click the Download link to get the full version of the software, install and launch it, then you will see a box to fill in the registration code to activate it.

3. I Purchased the software but I didn't received the code by email?

Generally you will receive the registration code via e-mail within one hour after order is successful. If you have not received it in time or lost it, Please contact ( Please provide the order number of your Video Converter). We will send the registration code to you instantly.

4. How to change effect for the video?

Click the Edit button besides the added file to open the Video Editor window. Click Effect tab, select the effect you want and click OK to apply it.

Note: You can tick Deinterlacing if the output video has distorted line.

5. Why there is black bar in converted video files and How to remove it?

Generally, the Black Bar Problem will occur when the aspect ratio of the source video is not the same as that of the output video or the aspect ratio of the converted file is not the same with your media player. You can follow the steps below to remove black bar in converted video files.

1. If the aspect ratio of the source video is the one you want, please click the Settings button, choose the output format from Format > Common video and set the Size (resolution) as original. You also need to set Edit > Video Editor > Crop > Display aspect ratio > original.

2. If the aspect ratio of the source file is not the one you want, please select the required Size/resolution on the Settings window and set Edit > Video Editor > Crop > Display aspect ratio as 16:9 or others. You need to crop your video first is there is originally a black bar.

If it still doesn't work, please load the video file to the program and send us the screenshots listed below:

1) File > File Information.
2) The Settings window.
3) Edit > Video Editor > Crop for the output settings you've selected.

Then you can press PRINTSCREEN and click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint to open a Window. Then press CTRL+V to paste the screenshots and send them to us.

6. What is 5.1 channels and how to get it?

5.1 channels, namely 5.1 surround sound, is the common name for six channel surround sound multichannel audio systems. It uses five full bandwidth channels and one low frequency enhancement channel. These are all common 5.1 systems: Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, DTS and SDDS. 5.1 is also the standard surround sound audio component of digital broadcast and music.

All 5.1 systems use the same speaker channels and configuration, having a front left and right, a center channel, and two surrounds.

How to get 5.1 channels?

To export 5.1 channels with high quality, you need to make sure there is 5.1 channels in the source file first and use the following way to choose formats with 5.1 channels.

1. Load the file into the program and select MOV, M4V, MP4, MKV or HD as your output format from the Format drop-down list.
2. Click the Settings button to open Settings Window.
3. You can choose 5.1 channels option from the Channels drop-down list under Audio tab.
4. Click the OK button to save the settings and the 5.1 channels will take effect after conversion.

7. Why can't I load Tivo files?

If you fail to load the TiVo file to the program, please confirm the TiVo file plays well on other media player on the computer at first. If the file doesn't play even on the computer, the file can be damaged.

If the file plays well on other media player but not on our program, please contact us with the Tivo file.

Note: If you get the TiVo file from other computers, the program will ask you to enter the Media Access Key. Otherwise, the program will have no rights to load it or convert it.

8. How to take a snapshot of a playing video?

Click the camera icon under the playing video to take a snapshot of it. Click Open folder to locate the snapshot.

9. How to trim a section from a video?

To trim a segment from a video, you can use the way below.

1. Click the Edit button besides the added file. In the pop up Video Editor window, click Trim tab, drag the sliders under the progress bar to mark the beginning and end of the segment you want to trim.
2. Click OK to apply the changes.
3. The trimmed video will appear in the main window. Click the Convert button to convert the video and click Open button to find the output file.

10. How about the quality of the converted video?

Based on the newest audio-video sync technology, Brorsoft Video Converter can provide you with outstanding output image and sound quality, never let you get into trouble with the audio and video sync issues. Moreover, multiple optimizing functionalities are available to better the output video quality.

11. What is the difference between MTS/M2TS Converter and Video Converter?

The difference mainly lies in the input video formats. Brorsoft MTS/M2TS Converter is developed to convert 1080p/1080i/720p AVCHD/AVCHD Lite/MTS/M2TS footages shot by Sony, JVC, Canon, Panasonic, Leica Camcorder/Cameras to other playable and editable video formats for editing in Sony Vegas, Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere and Corel Video Studio ProX 3and more similar video editing or burning software compatible file types with least quality loss. But Video Converter, besides all the functions of MTS/M2TS Converter, can support almost all the formats of including TV shows (*.tivo, *dvr-ms, *.trp, *.tp, *.ts, etc), Flash Video/ YouTube video(*.flv, *.f4v), and general Video (AVI, MPEG, WAV, VOB?? etc.).

12. I had purchased the Video converter and I ment to buy the same converter but for mac. Is there a way to change my order?

Please contact and our support will provide you with the Wins version. But if you are in urgent need of conversion and can not wait for the reply, please purchase the Wins version and explain your situation to our support and they will refund you.

13. How to deinterlace my 1080i videos?

Please click Edit and you will go to the Video Editor window. Then please click Effect; and select Deinterlace there.

14. How to add a watermark for the video?

Click the Edit button to open Video Editor window. there are two options: Text Watermark or Image/Video Watermark tab.

Text Watermark: Type some texts as the text watermark.
Image/Video Watermark: Import an image or video as the watermark. Adjust the slider to adjust the transparency of the image or video.

You can click Enable button to delete or add the added watermark. Click Font button to adjust the font, adjust transparency by setting the slider. To set the position of it, you can just drag it on the preview window.

15. How to get the log files?

Please click Windows+ R on your keyboard, fill %appdata% on your keyboard, and then you will go to the Roaming folder. Then please click Brorsoft > video_converter, and you will find the log files needed.

16. How to merge the two converted files?

Please select the Merge into one file before you click the the button for conversion to make the converted files merged.

16. Can the license I have got be used in another computer?

No. Please understand that one license code can only be used on one computer. If you want to rip and convert movie on another computer, please contact to purchase another license code at 20%-off discount price.

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