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Good Quality

Shahrukh Riaz | 2018-04-08

The original video format was mp4 that would play on my PC but not on WD player. I bought Brorsoft Video Conveter to convert video to a format that will play on my WD TV Live 1080p streaming media player. Good output video quality.


Liane Bonin | 2017-10-10

I got Brorsoft Video Converter and converted 6 .mp4 files to new .mp4 files compatible with my LG TV. An amazing program: friendly interface, simplicity, incredible speed and quality a/v conversion. Appreciate it.

Good Performance

Karen Vedus | 2017-08-18

I was sent MOV files from a TV station that filmed a friend’s wedding for a story. I didn’t realise till then that MOV files in a Windows environment and problematic and for use in Vegas Pro need to be converted. Brorsoft video converter offers preset for Vegas Pro. Works great. And customer service is really helpful.

Fairly intuitive

Adam Carolla | 2017-07-17

I find the interface of Brorsoft Video Converter fairly intuitive which makes it's use easy for me and I will be using the files mostly for home videos to ensure they will play on my Samsung TV.

Great 4K player & converter

Jack Thammarat | 2017-06-14

I got my original file from a DJI Phantom 4 pro, the files will be used for general viewing of the video taken from 4k. The file is too big to play on most computers so i use your software to play the data recorded. It just do what I want.

Amazing Product

Dalton Johnson | 2016-03-04

This product is amazing. Very clear quality. Amazing customer Service. If you get confused or can't get it to work they will work with you and help you get it. $35USD well spent on an amazing quality. Thank you for having an amazing product!

Great Product

Rich Greenberg | 2015-03-19

So far, the program worked great for me. The video I converted was from a public access TV show that my band was on. We converted the files to post on youtube and facebook page. I found out about your software from a musician friend who used it for a similar purpose. I will be happy to like your program.

Amazing tool - from the amateur to professional

John Parks | 2015-01-04

Brorsoft is an amazing tool for anyone working with video--from the amateur to professional. While most of my workflow is fairly easy (AVCHD files into Vegas), some is more difficult, especially when it comes to working with .mov files as a PC person. I've found that Brorsoft converts quickly and easily to a wide variety of filetypes and containers, and it's especially good for taking .mov files into h264, mpeg-2, or anything else you might like. It's not only accurate, but it's FAST--I've had five or six large files converted simultaneously in about five seconds. Highest recommendation!

Performed Excellent-Video Converer

Jose Lopez | 2014-11-25

Your software has performed excellent!! I bought it because I use "Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate" video editing software. It struggles with MP4 files, so I used your converter to AVI and the quality was amazing. I was looking for an output that would give me an HD QUALITY result, frame by frame. I originally tired using QuickTime Pro for OS X Yosemite (on my other Mac machine) but the quality was horrible and there was no flexibility. I also bought that program. It was not worth it. I'm extremely happy with my purchase and the price is very reasonable.

Excellent Program

Steve Flaum | 2014-08-28

I am a 68 year old retired teacher; my present "occupation" involves keeping up with my 5 grandchildren, and recording the events in their lives as well as family happenings and then turning them into DVDs for their pleasure. In working on my latest project, a DVD of a family vacation in Canada, I encountered a problem with a video taken by a son-in-law; the video could not be recognized by my Pinnacle movie program. After trying every trick in my personal book of limited knowledge to change the format into something Pinnacle would accept, I turned to the internet, found the Brorsoft Video Conversion program, bought it, and "PRESTO", the video worked! I'm almost finished with my DVD, which will provide many happy memories of a special vacation, including great videos of jumping into Round Schooner Lake. Thanks in part to your excellent program!

Friendly, Complete and well Designed software

Alessandro Aiello | 2013-08-15
I am an author working under the collective name of canecapovolto. We found Brorsoft a friendly, complete and well designed software, also the staff Brorsoft seems sincerely interested to be in feedback with those who are using this converter, and this sensation is very important, expecially in a period in which the right workflow is beginning more and more important for videomakers??


Nicholas 2013-07-06
I have had all versions of Brorsoft video converter, and so far this is the best. It's easy to use, fast and has a brilliant interface. Then there is the added bonus of a great support team.

Fast and fantastic

Robert | 2012-09-27
Your application is fantastic. Very quick conversions and lots of file format options. Very happy overall, thank you!

Good function

Shayne | 2012-08-18
Apart from normal features,in addition you can preview the videos in a built-in media player (e.g. adjust the volume, navigate back and forth), take snapshots and load files from a device.

Worth Trying!

George | 2012-08-18
This video converter runs on a pretty high amount of system resources and quickly finishes an encoding job without causing us any difficulties along the way. The image and sound are maintained at a very good quality in the output files. .I highly recommend this tool to all users.

Good software and produces excellent results

Mankin Ward | 2012-07-24
I'm Martin Miller, videographer, editor and owner of African Sun Productions. I do many promotional DVDs for game lodges in Africa, and get to work with footage from many many different sources. Brorsoft Video Converter saves me hours in converting to edit in Premiere CS3. All conversions runs smoothly on the timeline, and I can continue with what is important: The Edit.

I'm really satisfied with the software, and glad I bought it instead of pirating. Keep up the good work!

Well support for TiVo conversion

Declan Brennan | 2011-12-18
I saw Brorsoft mentioned in the TiVo forums as a good way to convert for the iPad so I decided to try it. It's much better than TiVo's converter. TiVo's converters for mobile devices are terrible.
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