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Transcode Sony UMC-S3CA XAVC S for Editing in Davinci Resolve


The Sony UMC-S3CA High-Sensitivity UHD 4K video camera utilizes a full 35mm frame Exmor CMOS sensor and XAVC S format (at up to 100 Mb/s) to capture 4K/29.97 and 4K/25 color video. When you got some XAVC S videos from Sony UMC-S3CA, you may look around a tutorial to know how to work Sony UMC-S3CA video with Davinci Resolve. In this tutorial, we will share a guide on importing Sony UMC-S3CA XAVC S to Davinci Resolve for further editing. Just read on.

"I have an issue however, after opening the XAVC S files from Sony UMC-S3CA, the Davinci Resolve Crashes every time. I have no idea what might be the reason for this. Any thoughts?"

As you see, this is a typical issue when import XAVC S to Davinci Resolve. In order to get rid of crash issue, you are advised to try another workfolw- Convert Sony UMC-S3CA XAVC S to DNxHD or ProRes for Davinci with a third party program.

Here Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac is highly recommended to you. With it, you not only can convert Sony Sony UMC-S3CA XAVC S videos to DNxHD or ProRes codec for Davinci, but also can encode Sony Sony UMC-S3CA XAVC S to other codecs like Apple ProRes, AIC, MPEG-2 .etc. If you are a PC user, turn to Brorsoft Video Converter. Now, download the software and start conversion.

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Below is the simple tutorial on converting Sony UMC-S3CA XAVC S for Davinci Resolve.

Install and launch the XAVC S converter. Click the Add button to import your XAVC S videos to the program. Then, click the format bar and move mouse cursor "Avid Media Composer". Here we recommend the "Avid DNxHD (*.mov)" as the best video format. "Final Cut Pro -> Apple ProRes" is also the optimal choice. In the end, click "Convert" button to start conversion.

You can also learn a step-by-step guide on transcoding XAVC S to Davinci Resolve.

More Features of Brorsoft Video Converter:

1. Adjust audio and video settings (optional)
The video file converter enables users to adjust audio and video settings before start conversion. Click "Settings" button, then you will enter the following interface, on which you are allowed to customize size, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate, and audio channel to your required ones.

2. Basic video editing (optional)
This Mac video converter has some simple edit functions like cropping, splitting, adding effects etc. so you can touch up the video with basic video editing functions.

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