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Technical and Sales FAQs

Just purchased your software and it has failed to install on my mac osx 10.5.8, get error message: Install failed. The Installer could not install some files"/ Applications". Contact the software manufacturer for assistance. Any solutions?
Brorsoft products have been updated to support the new Mac Mountain Lion system. This new .pkg file may have problem to install on Mac OS X 10.5.8. If you have this problem pls download the special installation .dmg file for Mac OS X 10.5.8 on our official site.
Further question, you can contact

How to remove the watermark in the middle of the converted files?
The watermark is the only difference between the trial version and full version. It can not be removed, even with the full version. Please understand the point and re-convert your original files with the full version.

I keep getting when I am trying to import any files from my SONY Handycam CX160 to my Mac computer, using the converter program I purchased. Could you tell me what should I do now?
Please click on the Message and send the detailed info of the App log.

I Purchased the software and I received the code by email. But how do I enter the number?
Please click the Download link to get the full version of the software, install and launch it, then you will see a box to fill in the registration code to activate it.

What is the difference between MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac and Video Converter for Mac?
The difference mainly lies in the input video formats. Brorsoft MTS/M2TS Converter is developed to convert 1080p/1080i/720p AVCHD/AVCHD Lite/MTS/M2TS footages to iMovie, Final Cut Express, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, iDVD and more similar video editing or burning software compatible file types with least quality loss. But Video Converter, besides all the functions of MTS/M2TS Converter, can support almost all the formats of including TV shows (*.tivo, *dvr-ms, *.trp, *.tp, *.ts, etc), Flash Video/ YouTube video(*.flv, *.f4v), and general Video (AVI, MPEG, WAV, VOB?? etc.).

After connecting the memory card (with some images of the yesterday new bought HPR-PJ10) and starting up Brorsoft MTS App, I cannot find any MTS files to convert. (But I am sure that they must be there on the memory card.
Please check the mode of your camera/camcorder and make sure that it is in HD mode, not the STD.

I had purchased the mts/ m2ts converter for Mac and I ment to buy the same converter but for windows. Is there a way to change my order?
Please contact and our support will provide you with the Wins version. But if you are in urgent need of conversion and can not wait for the reply, please purchase the Wins version and explain your situation to our support and they will refund you.

I have recently bought your MTS Converter software to convert my Panasonic TM 700 video files into my Mac Pro Intel 10.6.8 for Final Cut Pro the programs keeps crashing is i am trying to convert more than 20 files at the time. would you have any suggestions how to improve this?
Please decrease the number of the files you want to convert at one time since the process will take much memory space (suppose the size of the input file is 1GB, the memory space needed is almost up to 40 GB) and make the software crash when you click the button for conversion.

Can I batch convert video files with this product?
Please follow the simple steps and you can achieve the batch conversion.
Step 1: Launch the Brorsoft software, import all the files you want to convert and select all of them;
Step 2: Click on the dropdown menu of ??Format?? and then move your pointer to the format you need. You can find all the related formats on a sublist. Please select one that is suitable. After that, choose the output folder;
Step 3: Click the ??Settings?? icon and you will go into a new interface named ??Profile Settings??. You can adjust codec, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate and audio channel in the interface freely and optimize the output file quality.
Step 4: Click the button for conversion and you can let the software do the rest work for you.

How to get the log files?
Please click Macintosh > Users> ...> Library > Application Support > Brorsoft > mts_converter, and you will find the log files in the folder.

Some movies are then not in sync (video and sound) ?C some movies are correct others have delays of several seconds. Do you have any suggestions?
Please click the Settings and try to decrease the bitrate of Video or increase the bitrate of Audio on Setting Profile. If you still can not find the suitable settings, please contact and our support will help you with the problem.
I am trying to find out now what minimal frame rate I have to use to convert to the best quality on my HD beamer by using Apple TV 2. I am now converting in a frame rate of 60 an the files are very, very large.
Please select select the Apple TV H.264(*mp4) as output and try to decrease your video size and frame rate, such as from 1920*1080 to 1280*720 and 60fps to 30fps, and it will help you get a movie of smaller size.

Can your software deinterlace my 1080i videos?
Yes, please click "Editor" and you will go to the "Video Editor". Then please click "Effect" and select "Deinterlace" there.

I can't convert my MTS files to any of the FCP files for my FCP X that appears in pulldown menu in your program. What should I do now?
Please make sure that you have installed the Apple ProRes Codec by yourself since FCP X, unlike the previous version of FCP, requires users to install the codec manually.

How to trim a MTS file?
You can achieve the goal in three ways:
a. Drag Triangle icon below the preview window to locate the beginning and end of your clip during the preview;
b. Press the button to locate the beginning and end of your clip during the preview.
c. Input the certain time number in Set start time and Set end time fields.

How do I remove the black edges of my videos?
Click ??Editor?? button to enter into the Editor, you can see the crop tab, and then you can drag the dashed frame on the video screen of the original preview window to cut off the black edges.15.

How to add a logo into my videos?
Please click on the Editor and then you will go to a new interface, named Video Editor. You can find Image/Video Watermark feature, enable it and you can browse the logo then add to the videos.

How about the quality of the converted video?
Based on the newest audio-video sync technology, MTS Converter for Mac can provide you with outstanding output image and sound quality, never let you get into trouble with the audio and video sync issues. Moreover, multiple optimizing functionalities are available to better the output video quality.

How to merge the two converted files?
Please select the "Merge into one file" before you click the the button for conversion to make the converted files merged.

Can the license I have got be used in another computer?
No. Please understand that one license code can only be used on one computer. If you want to rip and convert movie on another computer, please contact to purchase another license code at 20%-off discount price.

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