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Nice Product

Michele | 2015-03-30

I am brand new to using the Canon Vixia camcorder. Previously I had tried a few MTS Converters from the Apple App store, but the results were not good. Because those other apps are not geared toward professionals, they make conversions for iTunes, iPad, iPod, etc. I needed files that could be used in After Effects. So I think a selling point for Brorsoft is that it produces professional level results. Nice product.

Delighted with the MTS Converter for Mac

AT | 2015-02-10

I'm absolutely delighted with the results after downloading Brorsoft. I downloaded three different free converters after googling "convert MTS files to MOV Mac". Happily a guy in my camera shop researched and came up with Brorsoft. I downloaded the free trial first and then upgraded Because I was so happy with the trial result. I'm very much an amateur and found it very easy to use. I'll be making short movies to show my friends.

software pretty easy to use

H.B.Abels | 2014-05-25
I found the software pretty easy to use and the instructions from the webpage I found it were pretty clear. I am professional Video and Audio Producer. I am editing videos for a client that someone else shot. I normally work with Final Cut Pro 7. I work with AVCHD footage all the time. Usually from a Panasonic HMC 150. Normally I use the log and transfer function in Final Cut to import and it works great. I was having problems importing it, Final Cut wouldn't read it even though Quicktime would preview it. I tried converting with quicktime, VLC, and Mpeg stream clip and nothing would work. I was able to import 1 clip into imovie so I thought that might be how I finish the rather simple project. I still needed a way to get the reamaining MTS clips into my version of iMovie which is where your software came in and did a great job of helping me out. So thanks!

works excellent with Final Cut Pro

Audun Hasti | 2014-02-19
Brorsoft MTS Converter for Mac is logic and user-friendly, and it converts easily files at high speed for use like in Final Cut Pro etc., without any difficulties. The low cost converter provided me with a high benefit-cost ratio and I've used the converter a lot since i downloaded the software.

I'm very satisfied, and based on my experience and my use, I am happy to give the MTS Converter my warmest recommendations.

a very "light" sofware, very easy to use with mac

Gabriele Rigon | 2013-10-24
Before downloading the programme, I read some reviews about the sofware, and I decided to purchase it. Brorsoft is a very "light" sofware, very easy to use with mac, very intuitive, and specially very fast.I didn't read any instruction before, I was already able to use it and understand how to obtain the maximum from it. At the beginning I was converting single clips, but after I realized that you can add all the clips to the list window, and it does everything by itself. For the output file you can decide the format and the quality of the video. I am very happy with it.

Very clean, very quick, very impressive

Mankin Ward | 2013-10-14
The clips converted and the quality of the conversion was as expected. I expect and demand the files to look as good as from the original files.
They were all that- and the conversion moved at a very impressive rate. I have tried a couple convertors in the past and noticed a great deal of artifact and quality loss, so I knew this would be my fear with your software and it was not. Very clean, very quick, very impressive. I wouldn't change a thing.
Thank you for helping us to be successful in our production.

Easy to use

Gerald Kilpatrick | 2013-09-21
I have had no problems with the Brorsoft MTS Converter for Mac software. The user interface was so easy to use. No tutorials were necessary and I found it very user friendly.

A great solution for people who has sony's (or AVCHD format)

Guilherme Morato | 2013-09-18
I am 29 years old and I edit sports v??deos using final cut pro 7. And I used to record only using GoPro. And after record, I convert GoPro v??deos to ProRes 422 HQ using MPEG Streamclip. But now, I bought a sony handy cam that records videos in AVCHD format. And I read many foruns, read about softwares and I trusted that Bigasoft ProRes Converter for Mac would solve my problem. But the software only convert to ProRes 422, and not to 422 HQ or 4444 as describer in the software home page. So they gave my money back. Then I tried Final Mate. But I had a problem that they said in the Version History that was solved that is when I imported a video converted by their software, FCP 7 showed me this message: "The following media files are not optimized for Final Cut Pro"?
I was going to give up and use the non-optimized files, then I read about Brorsoft in a forum. And your software converted faster than the others programs, with more options, and FCP 7 didn't showed any message. So I thing that MTS Converter is a great solution for people who has sony's (or AVCHD format) handycams.

Very satisfied with the conversion performance

Saharo 2012-12-02
Mark Pedri | 2013-05-12
I'm an independent filmmaker based out of Wyoming where I work on a lot of documentaries. I am currently editing on FCP 7. I recently started using a camera that shoots AVCHD, and FCP does not support this format. In order to take advantage of the 60 fps and AVCHD, I use MTS Converter for Mac to convert all of my files to Apple Prores 422 LT. I have been very satisfied with the conversion performance. I usually just get it set up with a large batch and let it run over night. The next day all of my files are ready to go.

Converts MTS to FCE, FCP, iMovie

Wright | 2013-04-18
I basically purchased your software for a single use. Someone shot some video for us in high def and I needed to convert the MTS file in order to use it for editing. I compared Brorsoft to one other product and liked yours better. The other product converted the audio a few frames behind the video no matter what settings I tried. Yours worked excellent. Very easy to use, converted seamlessly.

Imports MTS footage to Adobe Premiere

Hamilton | 2012-12-21
I have no complaints with the software, it's working great. I purchased the software because the Panasonic camcorder I have is an HD and the video format is MTS. There is no free software that comes with the camera that allows you to save the file in a format that others can view. I am now able to save it into a different format that I can pull into Adobe Premiere to create great family movies.

"The only one" that converts MTS correctly

Martignon | 2012-11-12
After trying about 6 different programs yours was the only one that correctly converted my MTS files. Thanks!
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