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Professional decoding HEVC

Sheetal Rai | 2018-04-08

My original file comes from a GoPro Hero 6. I needed a software to convert HEVC to a format that Davinci Resolve understands on my iMac. I downloaded a trial version and it converted fine. So I've got a full version.

Super High Quality

Edward Jones | 2017-10-10

When I import iPhone videos to iMovie, files import audio only. I found Brorsoft Converter for Mac when checking tutorials on importing file types into iMovie. Really good performance. I'm satisfied with the software.


Peter Mueller | 2017-08-18

My original file was an MKV UHD file. My purpose was to work on it with DaVinci Resolve in macOS Sierra. Used Brorsoft video converter for Mac and transcoded the file to ProRes. Fast conversion speed and excellent video quality!

Wonderful product

Tony Blair | 2017-07-17

I am very happy with this software! I bought it to transcode HEVC (h.265) footage to ProRes. I love how I just tell it what I want to the video to work with like FCP, etc. and it automatically converts my file to work perfectly with it!

Excellent Performance

David Haye | 2017-06-13

I purchased the software to convert footage from the Panasonic/Lumix GH5 4K 422 10bit 150mbps file format into something that could be utilized in Premiere. It provides everything so perfect all the time.

Amazing Product

Dalton Johnson | 2016-03-04

This product is amazing. Very clear quality. Amazing customer Service. If you get confused or can't get it to work they will work with you and help you get it. $35USD well spent on an amazing quality. Thank you for having an amazing product!

Great Product

Rich Greenberg | 2015-03-19

So far, the program worked great for me. The video I converted was from a public access TV show that my band was on. We converted the files to post on youtube and facebook page. I found out about your software from a musician friend who used it for a similar purpose. I will be happy to like your program.

Performed Excellent-Video Converer

Jose Lopez | 2014-11-25

Your software has performed excellent!! I bought it because I use "Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate" video editing software. It struggles with MP4 files, so I used your converter to AVI and the quality was amazing. I was looking for an output that would give me an HD QUALITY result, frame by frame. I originally tired using QuickTime Pro for OS X Yosemite (on my other Mac machine) but the quality was horrible and there was no flexibility. I also bought that program. It was not worth it. I'm extremely happy with my purchase and the price is very reasonable.

perfect for CONVERTING

Ken Morgan | 2013-11-14
Brorsoft video converter mac is perfect for CONVERTING. Very simple and easy interface. I have used the program for two years now. I like its stability and its ease of use.

friendly interface, simplicity, incredible speed

Glenda La Rocca | 2013-11-10
Hi, my name is Glenda and I'm a young make-up artist. I had necessity to bring video files H.264 made with my Canon 650D into Final Cut Pro 7. H.264 codec were too heavy into FC timeline and so, very long rendering.. But with this Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac the situation is solved!! This software is amazing: friendly interface, simplicity, incredible speed and quality a/v convertion!! A great cheap quality soft! I'm really satisfied!!!


Fred Bellew | 2013-08-26
I have used brorsoft video converter mac for three years now. I like its stability and its ease of use. Now its been upgraded to imedia converter mac. What more can I say. A reliable company, great product!! Thanks Brorsoft.

It's perfect and extremely easy to use!

Mark Holland | 2013-04-11
So happy with your software! The reason I bought this video converter for Mac is mostly to convert videos from our videocam to mp4 format which is perfect for storage. The interface and features are great. The quality of the converted videos will not disappoint.

Best possible quality for HD full screen viewing

Francois TISSEYRE | 2013-01-19
I am a 67 old film maker and I work in the framework of Atelier EcoutezVoir, a small associative audiovisual studio created in 1976 (!) with some friends.

We have been working with quite a number of media, from 16mm film, sound and slide projections, to analog video (from 2" to Betanum!) then digital video, exhibitions and multimedia installations. One of our present issues is to restore a number of our own archives??

This is why we need to convert a large number of files, sometimes big ones (duration of the last video online : 1h 40') into HD files for the best possible quality for HD full screen viewing. This is where your software should take place, among others.

Simply the best AND quickest there is!

jimiras | 2012-12-04
I've tried sooo many video conversion tools over the years, and they take forever and produce terrible quality. To show how good this bit of software is I really only need to give one example... 14 minutes to convert a 3.9gb 1280px mkv to mp4... with NO LOSS in quality... and on a 7 year old Mac Mini!!! I don't know what sort of insane developers you have and what they've been swiping from Gandalfs soggy pockets to get the conversion speeds this quick, but I've genuinely never been more impressed with a bit of software! So go give them all a payrise ;) On top of that (although the speed an quality make it a must buy on their own), there's loads of options, really simple and clear to use, and a lovely UI on top of it all. Can't recommend this enough!!

Fast and efficient to reduce the file size

Mike Roberts | 2012-11-23
Hi, Mike here; I was running out of disk space on my MAC, I had over 300GB of Cannon 550D movie files from my son's first year! I needed something fast and efficient to reduce the file size. I make a lot of film from the movie I take so doing this on the move is important to me, but the native file type from Cannon does not transfer to the IPAD (this is due to image size). I was so happy to find this software from Brorsft - during the file conversion process it shrinks the file to 10% of the size and all files work perfectly on the IPAD. Awesome.

All in one converter for Mac

Marloes Winnubst | 2012-09-12
I'm Marlie from the Netherlands. I am an performing artist and it's important to keep film material for my portfolio. All the materials shot arrive usually in different formats. As i am not such a geek, it took me a while to find out how the conversion of the movies worked. When i emailed Brorsoft with questions such as if it was the right software to purchase, Brorsoft immediately replied with personalized and helpful information. It was great to have some help and i'm very happy with the all in one converter for Mac. I will definitely purchase other software in the future from Brorsoft, merely because i know that there are real people at the other end, to advise and help. Something that you will not often find with other software suppliers.


Declan Brennan | 2012-09-02
I bought Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac to convert Apple ProRes and other file types into h264 MPEG4 AAC 1920x1080 16:9 for uploading to Longtail Video's "Bits On The Run" offering. I love it, it is doing exactly what I need it to and better still it is very easy to use.
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