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Any way to Play TS Files in QuickTime Player Perfectly


"I have a 3 minute long HD transport stream file and have tried playing it in QuickTime, and it displays error message..."

"I have the Quicktime MPEG-2 component from Apple, but that seems to only allow the playback of MPEG Program Stream files. Does anyone know if there is way to make Quicktime Player play Transport Stream files?"

TS, short for Transport Stream, is a communications protocol for audio, video, and data and very wide spread on the Internet nowadays. Normally, we can get TS files from HD camcorders such as Sony, Panasonic and cannon. But TS video cannot be played on many media players and portable devices because of its incompatibility. As above quoted, many guys met issues when play TS files in QuickTime player.

Obviously, QuickTime can't support TS format natively. Does QuickTime component play TS? The answer is NO. The Quicktime component will not accept .ts or .tp files. From some guys feedback, they do have the Quicktime component and to be honest, it's useless. The point here is how to get QuickTime to open and view TS files without hassle?

Solution 1: Play TS on Mac using VLC


The VLC media player, is an excellent open-source media player that is known for supporting a wide range of audio and video files. As far as we know, VLC is the only program on the Mac that will play Transport Stream files.

See a full guide on how to play TS files in VLC.

Solution 2: Convert TS to MOV using a powerful TS file converter

If you're facing problems playback the TS files on Mac using VLC, you can use solution 2 to convert TS to QuickTime more compatible format with a TS video converter- Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac.

This program is not only an easy-to-use video converter, but also an professional player and editor. With it, you can effortlessly convert TS video files to every video format rapidly in zero quality loss. That means, you can convert any TS files to MOV, a Mac most friendly format effortlessly. Download and follow the step on how to do it.


Step 1: Add Source Files

Launch the best TS converter on your Mac computer, click the "Load files" button or "Add video" button to add source .ts files.


Step 2: Choose output format

For great video quality and smoothly playback in QuickTime player, you can select "Common Video" > "MOV- QuickTime (*.mov)" as target format.


Step 3: Start the conversion

Start TS to MOV conversion by clicking the right-bottom convert button.

When the conversion is finished, hit the "Open" icon on the bottom of the main interface will pop up the folder with converted files. Now, you can play TS files in QuickTime player with great video quality.

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