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Methods to Play .TS Files in Windows Media Player


You will most likely have acquired some .TS files from the web. But when try to view these TS files directly in Windows Media Player, it gives an error saying "file is not supported". So, how to fix the issue? Fortunately, this article covers some of the options for playing TS file in Windows Media Player easily. Read on to learn details.

Method 1. Use VLC media player to Play .TS files

The TS file extension is a common one for video files(MPEG-2) that have been copied from an HDTV broadcast and then posted on the Internet. Windows Media Player cannot play these TS files so the easiest way to view them is by downloading a new media player which can.

VLC is a free program and it can play just about all kinds of file formats. The VLC package already includes software to play MPEG-2 video content and supports opening and playing .TS files directly.

Note: If you have high definition (HD) video content in .TS format, you may experience choppy playback with VLC media player. See a tutorial on how to solve TS in VLC playback issue.

Method 2. Add "codecs" to decode and read .TS files

Alternatively, you can add "codecs" which are files which are capable of encoding and decoding a stream or data signal which allow you to watch the TS file in all its HDTV glory on Windows Media Player.

Download a codec pack which will allow you to play the TS file. The K-Lite Codec Pack, XP Codec Pack or Windows Essential Codecs Pack (see resources) are all examples of packs of codecs which will allow Windows Media Player to successfully play TS files.

Note: Make sure you download and install the codec correctly, or it still won't work.

Method 3. Convert .TS files to WMV format

The final and most reliable solution is to convert TS to Windows Media Player most friendly WMV format. Brorsoft Video Converter is a helpful tool for you to convert TS video to WMV for WMP efficiently.


Step 1. Load TS Videos

Launch the best TS Video Converter; click "Add" and load your .ts files to the program. Or directly drag and drip your video source to the program.


Step 2. Choose output format

Click the Format menu, select Windows Media Player friendly format as your output video format. There, you can take WMV as your output video format.


Step 3. Start conversion

Finally, hit "Convert" button to start converting TS to WMV for Windows Media Player. After conversion, you can hit Open to get the resulted videos. The TS file will now play successfully in Windows Media Player.

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