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Converting SRT to 3D Subtitles (SUB/IDX)

"I am looking for a way to convert srt to sub/idx subtitles to display correctly with an SBS 3D file. The subtitles I want to display are in Japanese, for which the OCR tools that are available are not terribly accurate."

Subtitles are easily available in many formats, such as .srt, .sub or .ass, but almost all of the subtitles that are available for free download on the Internet or comes with DVD or Blu-ray are only for 2D format. When watching a 3D movie, you may need a 3D effect subtitles. What to do? In this article, we will present a way to convert SRT to SUB/IDX (2D subtitle to 3D format) easily.

To create a 3D subtitle, an easy method is to use a software like 3D-Subtitler. 3DSubtitler is a Java-based application that converts SRT subtitles into a readable VobSub IDX/SUB or Blu-Ray SUP subtitles file when using side-by-side or over/under type 3D movies.

Sub/idx type subtitles use pictures of text to display subtitles on the screen. This works great if you want your subtitles to work on every TV in the world, regardless of what font or text encoding the TV uses.

Here’s the steps to convert a 2D subtitle to 3D subtitle using 3D Subtitler:


1. Download 3D-Subtitler and run it.
2. Select a .SRT subtitle file which you want to convert as the Input file.
3. Set Output directory to save the converted 3D-compatible subtitle.
4. Optional – ensure that the BDSup2Sub path is correct (by default, it comes with the 3D-Substitler download, so they’re at the same folder).
5. Set the font type that you want to use in subtitle.
6. Set the font size for subtitle.
7. Set the charset of subtitle in Character table which is important if the subtitle has special characters.
8. In 3D Type, select the 3D movie format of either Side by Side or Over Under (Top and Bottom).
9. Set the frame rate of the movie.
10. Set the subtitle language.
11. Set the subtitle color.
12. Set the 3D depth of the subtitle.
13. Set the vertical position of the subtitle.
14. Set the quality of subtitle (High is strongly recommended).
15. Choose whether to delete PNG files (recommended to leave as default – yes).
16. Choose the output format – VobSub idx/sub supports most common media players such as VLC Player, Blu-Ray sup home theaters and media centers, and thus highly recommended.
17. Set output size to match the 3D movie resolution.
18. Modify other settings as you wish.
19. When all setting are properly set, click on Check Input button.
20. If the settings are correct, the Convert button will be enabled. Proceed to click the Convert button to generate the 3D subtitle.

Besides using a 3D subtitles tool, you can simply use subtitle3D online service:

You can convert the standard subtitle to 3D though an online service named Subtitle3D.com. Through the service, user can easily convert a subtitle to Side-by-Side or Top-and-Bottom 3D format, with the ability to customize font size, outline and 3D depth for the 3D subtitle. Once the subtitle is converted on the cloud, user will be able to download the 3D subtitle.

Visit Subtitle3D.com (WARNING: The website is full of pop-ups, pop-unders and other intrusive ads that appear on every clicks, so make sure you have strong popup blocker and other ads blocker in place).

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