Convert AVI

This article tells you how to play, convert, edit, burn AVI files in a hassle free manner.

Knowing AVI

Compatibility: its popularity has lead AVI to be widely accepted (especially on Windows) and that makes it very often the best choice for keeping videos or TV shows.

Edit: AVI files are compressed in a way that makes it easy for users to re-edit them and sometimes even improve its quality. Windows Movie Maker is one of the most common tools that allows this process.

Synchronization: an AVI file is the easiest to work with when it comes to synchronizing audio with video and even adding subtitles.

Size: AVI files tend to be very large files which are basically the main reason why they are usually converted to different formats. However, even if they are converted its quality will remain the same.

Quality: even though AVI is one of the most common file formats for video, it still has some limitations. One of its main disadvantages is quality. It does not allow sound enhancement and it has a very limited picture resolution which does not make it the best choice when it comes to full screen or full motion videos.

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  • About AVI File Extension

    AVI is a file format but unlike most of them, this one actually works as a container. While some types of formats can only hold a certain amount and type of information, AVI files can keep audio and video and they allow a synchrony between them. AVI files do not require to be compressed to be created; they are the first step when creating a playable DVD. AVI files have been proved to be easy to use and create, yet they also lack of the highest quality and very often turn our files into a nightmare by turning them into extremely large files. Although they do come in handy sometimes, there are better solutions when it comes to saving video files. Although AVI files are quite popular and used on different platforms, it is more common for it to be played on Windows rather than other operating systems.

    Also, due to its large sizes many devices require special apps to reproduce this type of files and this is not always pleasant, especially if you are in a rush. Despite the advantages and limitations AVI has, they will surface depending exactly on which situations, devices or media are you planning to use it. However, you don’t need to be tied to any particular video type or container, and a tool like the Brorsoft Video Converter will bypass any issues between the options that you have, allowing you to focus on an enjoyable experience.

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