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This page offers several simple methods for you to play, convert, edit, etc. MP4 files as well as an ultimate solution to handle MP4 videos.

Why Convert MP4 Files

While MP4 is a highly reliable file format, it is imperative to note that not all devices support it. For this reason, file conversion from MP4 to other acceptable formats may be necessitated. For instance, a device using Windows Operating System may require all multimedia formats be stored in AVI (Audio Video Interleave) format. Therefore, it would be necessary to convert the files from MP4 to AVI. Most Apple products use the MOV format to store their multimedia files. It is mainly applicable in the Macintosh and some of the most recent Windows platforms. If a user has some videos or audios in the MP4 format and wants to use them in Apple products, they will have to convert these files from MP4 to MOV.

Depending on the requirements of the user, it is appropriate to convert the MP4 files into the required file format. Conversion of such files from MP4 into the relevant formats may improve the quality of the files, as well as save the user some valuable storage space.

MP4 to FLV
There may occur a situation where a user wants to upload some of their own MP4 videos to a webpage. Webpages do not support the MP4 file format and may therefore need to be converted to FLV format.

MP4 to iTunes
Can't add MP4 files to iTunes library? The article explains the reason and shows you an easy way to get MP4 and iTunes to play nicely.

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  • About MP4 File Extension

    MP4 is a standard video format developed by the ISO. MP4 is almost the same as the MPEG-4 format. This file may contain audio, video, and data information. MP4 mostly contain the MPEG-4 data. Aside from the usual audio and video files, it may also contain presentations. Presentations are scene wherein objects are placed. And within those objects are the streams.

    Being a standard format, the MP4 can easily be played by almost all video players. Whatever platform or media player you are using, MP4 files can be processed accordingly. These files are stored directly on the hard drive or any portable devices easily, as they don’t take up too much space. This is the reason why most portable media players are called MP4 players.

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