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How to Import a .WMV file into iTunes on Mac


Being bothered by playing WMV with iTunes? Looking for ways to convert WMV to iTunes playable formats so that you can import and play WMV videos with iTunes without any troubles? Here is the right place for you to get the right direction.

As we know, WMV is a Microsoft video file format and is not compatible with Apple's iTunes, as iTunes can only support MP4, M4V and MOV formats. Therefore, the most workable way get WMV into iTunes library is to convert WMV to iTunes highly compatible video. The perfect tool to get that done is Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac. It will help you convert WMV format to iTunes(11) acceptable video fast and with high quality on Mac (Mavericks, Mountain Lion). In addition, it can convert all other regular video formats, such as FLV, AVI, MKV, MTS, VOB, MPEG, 3GP, etc to iTunes video. The equivalent Windows version is Brorsoft Video Converter. Download it below and follow the simple steps to get the conversion done.

download_mac.gif (Note: Click here for OS X 10.5) download_windows.gif

How to convert WMV to iTunes with ease

Here the detailed way to convert WMV to play in iTunes on Mac OS X is introduced. The method to convert WMV video to iTunes in Windows (Windows 8) is the same. You just need to make sure you've downloaded the right version.

1. Add WMV files

Launch the WMV to iTunes Converter program and click Add button to load the videos you want to convert. Or you can simply drag the target videos to the item bar for conversion. Batch conversion is available so that you can add multiple files to convert simultaneously.


2. Select iTunes friendly format

In "Format" > "Common Video" category of the format drop-down list, select MP4, MOV or M4V as the output format for transferring to iTunes. What's more, some video presets for Apple software, Apple devices, etc. are also provided for you like iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV.


Tip: If need, you can also set video Resolution, Frame Rate, Bit Rate and Code etc. by hitting "Settings" option.

3. Start to convert WMV to iTunes

Now, you need to hit "Convert" to encode WMV to MOV/MP4/M4V for iTunes. When the conversion is done, you can get some iTunes-friendly files. After that just drag and drop the converted video into your iTunes library (movies) and even sync to Apple devices like iPhone etc.

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