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YouTube and Brorsoft youtube converter

    YouTube has become the most popular platform to view and share videos wich are posted by users.In USA,about two thirds video viewing occured on YouTube.As the biggest video site ,there are 10 times visitors more than the second biggest one.

    YouTube was started by three young man after they finished a dinner party.It is so popularbecause users can easily upload the video they make themselves.And the more videos uploaded,the more visitors will view them.

    After YouTube was bought by Google in 2006,google is committed to producing more professional videos to atrract more advertisement in order to make more profits.

    With the widespread of YouTube videos,more and more people want to download YouTube videos. But how to download YouTube videos easily and then convert YouTube videos to other formats.

    Luckily, video converter can help you.It can not only download the online YouTube videos but also can convert videos to any format that you need.

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