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A review about Video Converter for Mac from a senior film maker

I am a 67 old film maker and I work in the framework of Atelier EcoutezVoir, a small associative audiovisual studio created in 1976 (!) with some friends. We mainly work in the fields of:

- science research (engineer science, foundamental and applied mathematics, archeology, astronomy)

- photography and music (numerous multimedia projections during festivals like Arles in France, National and Paris cultural institutions)

- society (institutions like UNICEF and NGOs).

We have been working with quite a number of media, from 16mm film, sound and slide projections, to analog video (from 2" to Betanum!) then digital video, exhibitions and multimedia installations. One of our present issues is to restore a number of our own archives…

Another is broadcasting and webcasting.
This is why we need to convert a large number of files, sometimes big ones (duration of the last video online : 1h 40') into HD files for the best possible quality for HD full screen viewing. This is where your software should take place, among others.

Martin Müller

A review about Brorsoft Video Converter from a professional editor

“I’m Martin Müller, videographer, editor and owner of African Sun Productions. I do many promotional DVDs for game lodges in Africa, and get to work with footage from many many different sources. Brorsoft Video Converter saves me hours in converting to edit in Premiere CS3. All conversions runs smoothly on the timeline, and I can continue with what is important: The Edit. “

I’m really satisfied with the software, and glad I bought it instead of pirating. Keep up the good work!

Mankin Ward

a satisfied MTS Converter for Mac User

I have had no problems with the Brorsoft MTS Converter for Mac software. The user interface was so easy to use. No tutorials were necessary and I found it very user friendly.
I do not know the camera that was used except that it was High Def. footage. I had 4 DVD's of video from our processing plant in India come into our Tulsa office. The group in India failed to keep the initial file structure correct on the DVD's, so all I had was the individual .mts files.
My Final Cut Pro software wouldn't recognize the video clips. I searched on Google for .mts convertor and your company came up. I tried the trial version download- and the conversion quality was great! So I made the purchase.
I placed a DVD into the Mac, opened the Convertor, and dragged all the clips into the convertor window and made sure the settings were to my liking and just began the batch conversion making sure the files were going into the folder of my choice. It couldn't have been more flawless! The clips converted and the quality of the conversion was as expected. I expect and demand the files to look as good as from the original files.
They were all that- and the conversion moved at a very impressive rate. I have tried a couple convertors in the past and noticed a great deal of artifact and quality loss, so I knew this would be my fear with your software and it was not. Very clean, very quick, very impressive. I wouldn't change a thing.
thank you for helping us to be successful in our production.

Gerald Kilpatrick

a DVD Ripper user who owns 500 DVD discs

I am a medically retired engineer and with only the government pension as income, I do not have a lot of free cash available. I buy many DVDs, in fact I now have about 500. As I have three daughters, I have a lot of the Walt Disney films that get played dozens of times. Although these DVD are very good, they are one of the more expensive brands. A lot of people think that DVDs are virtually indestructible and last for ever and never get faulty. I hate to say, DVDs can be destroyed, especially by pets with sharp teeth, and stop playing if they are spread over with jam. Also if you are not very careful taking them out of their cases and putting them into a player, can easily get scratch and when they are played have video jumps or lock ups etc etc

Therefore, immediately I buy a DVD, I back it up. Before I bought Brorsoft DVD ripper this was often not successful, as, in order to prevent illegal copying, the anti-copy protection methods that some video companies put on their DVDs, also prevent legal backing up. Therefore I would recommend the Brorsoft DVD ripper to all people who do not simply buy a DVD, play it a few times, then buy another copy when the last copy gets ruined, and repeat this again and again etc etc. The name suggests that this software is used to illegally rip off (pirate) DVDs. I can assure you that it is much more useful for totally legal uses.

Jean-Michel Beaulieu

a pleased Mac user of Video Converter and DVD Ripper

Brorsoft is a great and easy to use software. I bought the Brorsoft DVD Ripper for Mac and the Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac to transfer my purchased DVDs to iTunes. What impressed me the most about my experience is the useful and efficient technical support I received. Someone was always there to answer my questions and assist me with the converting process.

Alessandro Aiello

a satisfied Video Converter for Mac user

I am an author working under the collective name of canecapovolto. We use different machines such as Canon 5D mkII, Sony Nex Fs-100and when we bought a Panasonic TM 900 discovered we needed a fast and secure way to convert 1080 p50 mts files at their best quality.

We found Brorsoft a friendly, complete and well designed software, also the staff Brorsoft seems sincerely interested to be in feedback with those who are using this converter, and this sensation is very important, expecially in a period in which the right workflow is beginning more and more important for videomakers…

Jay Schroeder

a DVD Ripper lover

My name is Jay and I am retired. My background was in consumer electronic manufacturing, primarily computer and related products.Recently, I decided to do some work with my collection of DVDs. My project was to not just make backups but instead to keep my existing DVDs as the backups and then convert some to (1) MP4 format to play on my Android tablet and (2) convert other movies to MPEG2, save to high capacity SD memory so I could then watch them on my TV.

I quickly discovered that there are a lot of DVD rippers and converters on the market. I downloaded several trial versions to try. I decided on Brorsoft's DVD Ripper because, it not only would do what I needed but, because I'm a novice at this, even I could operate the user interface.

Most of all, since I am a novice, I appreciated the quick and helpful response to the questions that I had.

So, to everyone at Brorsoft-- Keep up the good work.

Todd Bogan

a pleased DVD Ripper user

As a mountain guide, I can find myself stuck in a tent for days at a time, waiting for bad weather to improve. One of the ways I find to pass the time in these trying situations is watching movies on my phone. To make this easier, I purchased DVD Ripper to reformat/compress my dvd library to a size more suitable for mobile viewing. The software has proven to be fast, easy to use, and has never failed me even once. It has dozens of different preset format options, or can be run completely customized. Additionally, I have found customer support to be rapid and very helpful.

Guilherme Morato

a Brazilian MTS Converter for Mac user

I am 29 years old and I edit sports vídeos using final cut pro 7. And I used to record only using GoPro. And after record, I convert GoPro vídeos to ProRes 422 HQ using MPEG Streamclip.
But now, I bought a sony handy cam that records videos in AVCHD format. And I read many foruns, read about softwares and I trusted that Bigasoft ProRes Converter for Mac would solve my problem. But the software only convert to ProRes 422, and not to 422 HQ or 4444 as describer in the software home page. So they gave my money back. Then I tried Final Mate. But I had a problem that they said in the Version History that was solved that is when I imported a video converted by their software, FCP 7 showed me this message: "The following media files are not optimized for Final Cut Pro"
I was going to give up and use the non-optimized files, then I read about Brorsoft in a forum. And your software converted faster than the others programs, with more options, and FCP 7 didn't showed any message. So I thing that MTS Converter is a great solution for people who has sony's (or AVCHD format) handycams.

Mike Roberts

a satisfied Video Converter for Mac

Hi, Mike here; I was running out of disk space on my MAC, I had over 300GB of Cannon 550D movie files from my son's first year! I needed something fast and efficient to reduce the file size. I make a lot of film from the movie I take so doing this on the move is important to me, but the native file type from Cannon does not transfer to the IPAD (this is due to image size). I was so happy to find this software from Brorsft - during the file conversion process it shrinks the file to 10% of the size and all files work perfectly on the IPAD. Awesome.

Marloes Winnubst

A satisfied MTS Converter for Mac and Video Converter for Mac user

I'm Marlie from the Netherlands. I am an performing artist and it's important to keep film material for my portfolio. All the materials shot arrive usually in different formats. As i am not such a geek, it took me a while to find out how the conversion of the movies worked. When i emailed Brorsoft with questions such as if it was the right software to purchase, Brorsoft immediately replied with personalized and helpful information. It was great to have some help and i'm very happy with the all in one converter for Mac. I will definitely purchase other software in the future from Brorsoft, merely because i know that there are real people at the other end, to advise and help. Something that you will not often find with other software suppliers.

Mark Pedri

an independent filmmaker who is using MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac

I'm an independent filmmaker based out of Wyoming where I work on a lot of documentaries. I am currently editing on FCP 7. I recently started using a camera that shoots AVCHD, and FCP does not support this format. In order to take advantage of the 60 fps and AVCHD, I use MTS Converter for Mac to convert all of my files to Apple Prores 422 LT. I have been very satisfied with the conversion performance. I usually just get it set up with a large batch and let it run over night. The next day all of my files are ready to go.

Jeff Bowermaster

a satisfied Blu-ray Ripper user

Blu ray movies look amazing on a Galaxy Tab, and Blu Ray Ripper is perfect for converting massive blu ray data (50 GB) into something the Tab can deal with. A 1280 x 720 rip comes in around 3 GB. Chewing through that much data takes a lot of time. Brorsoft Blu Ray Ripper attacks the data in parallel, using 100% of available CPU resources. It builds up the final file from small sections. If you have certain scenes you particularly like, you can rename those section files and save them in a collection of favorite movie moments. The Try before you buy aspect of this product makes it a easy purchase decision. I wasn’t able to get Handbrake to work on my blu rays, and maybe with more patience, it would have, but this software delivered what I needed now, with an easy intuitive interface.

I haven't done exhaustive research on blu ray ripping software so I'm no expert.? Once I found blu ray ripper, I shopped looking.? It does everything I want, the file sizes are manageable and the images look great.

Micheal Stratton

a university professor who are using Blu-Ray Ripper & Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate

As a university professor, I'm very impressed with the Blu-Ray Ripper technology developed by Brorsoft and use it almost weekly for in-class video exercises. Given that my media library is moving from DVD to Blu-Ray (and that of my students as well), I wanted the flexibility of still being able to show video clips in the classroom. Brorsoft was a life-saver - the Blu-Ray ripper freed me from only purchasing DVDs. I'm now excited to purchase the new Converter Ultimate package since I am showing video clips in the classroom via my mobile device (iPad) or even for my own AppleTV. It'll make conversion much easier and efficient. For anyone looking at ripping or conversion software, Brorsoft is the best!

Say Xayasack Saysombath

a documentary shooter and editor

I am a documentary shooter and editor working oversea (Chiang Mai Thailand). I do many projects in many language and all different format of film/vdo standared, this is why I need this kind of conversion capabilities to meet the need of my workflow.

This is my second assignment I have used this product since it was purchased. I just started using Sony FS100 and Sony A77 camera and was new to AVCHD/MTS codec, and not sure how to make it work with Final Cut Pro 7. Searching around and got a few recommendation for BRORSOFT MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac. So far I had no issue with it and it's pretty straight forward intuitive user friendly software. I will not hesitate recommending it to a friends and college.

Thanks for the follow up email since I brought the software, I feel there's a human connection and services when I sense I care for their products like this. Usually when i purchased something online I felt like it's too automated and I am just another case number that the computer just process. Keep up the good services.

Happy user

Francesc Parisi Rodríguez

a Spanish pleased user

"Brorsoft MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac lo adquirimos para descargar imágenes tomadas con una cámara SONY HD y transferirlas a un ordenador APPLE y mediante el programa iMovie de MAC proceder a editarlas .

La elección fue un acierto, ya que los resultados fueron satisfactorios incluso por encima de nuestras espectativas, la perdida de calidad en la trasferencia fue mínima, pudiendo tratar las imágenes de interior sin Flash aceptablemente.

Después de haber efectuado pruebas con otros productos, recomendamos éste para cualquier aficionado al video que sea exigente en el resultado final."

Translation to English: Brorsoft MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac to download the acquired images taken with an HD camera SONY y transferirlas to a computer APPLE y it through iMovie program to proceed to MAC edited.

Her choice was one acierto, who ya fueron them satisfactory results even above Nuestra expectations, the loss of quality in trasferencia fue minimum, treat them pudiendo images without flash in indoor acceptably.

After having performed with Others prueba products, we recommend this one for al cualquier aficionado video in which he clogs exigente outcome.

Mark Johnston

Brorsoft Video Converter User

Only used once so far but that went with zero issue and there was no difficulty in navigation or modification of output format parameters.I think the initial 4-point splash screen to give a 1st time user the general workflow was very valuable although I may have just done it.?

The ability to tweek output parameters like audio bitrate (to lower overall file size) and bitrate is key and I was pleased to see it so easy to bring up and modify once the output general format was selected.

Declan Brennan a pleased Video Converter for Mac user

I bought Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac to convert Apple ProRes and other file types into h264 MPEG4 AAC 1920x1080 16:9 for uploading to Longtail Video's "Bits On The Run" offering. I love it, it is doing exactly what I need it to and better still it is very easy to use.