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Learn iPad Mini reviews and movie playback tips


    Apple has revealed the iPad Mini, a smaller version of its popular iPad tablet. If own an iPad will you buy iPad Mini? Most users would like to get rid of the iPad 3 to get a Mini due to its specs. Here we will share some iPad Mini reviews and main tech specs as well as some video playback tips with all the iPad Mini lovers.

    iPad Mini Tech Specs and Reviews:

    – Screen
    7.9in, 1,024 x 768 pixels, IPS panel

    If you expect to see a screen as dazzling as the iPad 3's in the iPad mini, you may be a teeny bit disappointed. It'll use a 1,024 x 768 pixel panel, which is the same number that featured in the iPad 2 and the original iPad. Of course, sharpness will be significantly better than those old timers because the iPad mini screen is around 2in smaller - 7.9in across rather than 9.7in.

    Lightning connector, headphone jack, Wi-Fi, 4G and Bluetooth 4.0

    - Battery Life
    10 hour battery life

    - Software
    iOS 6

    The iPad mini will use iOS 6, the version of Apple's mobile software that was released alongside the iPhone 5. It hasn't received too much love yet, though.

    - Processor
    Dual-core A5 chip

    - Memory
    16/32/64GB, non expandable

    - Camera
    Dual cameras

    The iPad mini has both FaceTime and iSight cameras, or - to put that in normal speak - front and rear cameras. The rear one offers 5 megapixel stills and 1080p video recording while the front one support 720p video.

    From above we see that as we expected, the new tablet is essentially a smaller version of the iPad 2, with the same screen resolution and A5 processor, and a slightly tweaked, flatter design. Plus of course it is cheaper. So it will become the new iPad mini a Kindle Fire HD or Google Nexus 7 killer and king of the budget tablets.

    iPad Mini Movie Playback Tips:

    For some iPad users really want an "always with me, always available" tablet experience. While highly portable, my iPad 3 was too big and too awkward in many settings. The smaller form factor mini will fit the bill and offer you better experience. If you are a movie lover, this 7.9in iPad is also the best choice for you; while, the Mini also has the format limit as the old version. MP4, MOV, M4V are the formats fully compatible with iPad Mini.

    1. If you get some other movie files in Xvid, MEG, MKV, WMV, FLV, MTS, etc, you need to change the video formats first. iPad Mini Video Converter is the best video converting program for you to batch convert various of videos to iPad Mini playable format like MP4 with the best video quality. It can keep 1080p quality for your full HD source files.

    2. Play DVD on iPad Mini is also a nice choice, but the tablet can not handle DVDs. We recommend you the DVD to iPad Mini Converter, which is one of the best DVD ripper for iPad Mini. It’s good at ripping and converting DVD movies to a common video like MP4 that iPad Mini can easily handle.

    3. For some Blu-ray movie fans, it’s also easy work to turn Blu-ray movies playable on iPad Mini. Get the excellent Blu-ray to iPad Mini Converter to get rid of the region code issue and convert Blu-ray to iPad Mini supported video format for enjoyment anytime you want.

    Get the iPad Mini hands-on reviews and some useful movie playback tips; will you probably go with the iPad Mini over the traditional one?

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