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Two Options to Convert VLC to MP4


VLC Media Player is a free video player and converter made by VideoLAN. Offering conversions to and from dozens of formats, you can convert your VLC video to a MP4 file type using the program's transcoding process(See how to convert videos with VLC), so that you can playback the VLC video on your smart mobile phone or most other portable devices easily. Learn details.

Guide: How to Convert VLC Files to MP4 Format

STEP 1. Import video to VLC

First of all, we need to open our VLC Media Player, and after it opening, we should click of top navigation bar, and click on the "Media" point, which will open a little dropbox.

In this dropbox we should click on the "Open Multiple Files..." tab, (or use a hotkey Ctrl+Shift+O) and wait until the menu will appear on our screen.


STEP 2. Go to the Convert menu

In the menu, which has appeared, click on "Add" button, and choose the file you need to convert. After this you should click on the arrow, which is situated near the "Play" button. Clicking on this arrow will open a dropbox, in which we should choose a link, called "Convert".


STEP 3. Choose the settings as you like

In the menu, which has appeared, you'll see such things:

The path to the source of the video, type of this file, and the setting, which we need to set up.
First of all, we need to manage our profiles, and choose which one fits us the best. In the dropbox one can see very many profiles- for iDevices, TVs, Androids, etc. Here we recommend- Video- H.264+ MP3 (MP4).


STEP 4. Start the conversion process

You need to choose the destination file, where all the information will be containing. In our case, we can use "Browse" button, come to the Desktop, write a name of the file, let it be "container.mp4", and after this, web should click on the "Start" button, and the process of the conversion will begin.

The estimated time of the converting depends on the power of your PC, and the type of the codec you are using to convert.

Note: VLC is not a professional video converter so it is not smart enough to handle all kinds of video files. Some guys found that VLC doesn't give any error messages if you selected something wrong. If you are a beginner, it will be better to get a professional video converter to help you change all VLC files to MP4 or any other format you need.

Alternative Way to Convert VLC Files to MP4

The top rated Brorsoft Video Converter will be your best choice. This video converter can batch convert any VLC file to MP4 in H.264, H.265/HEVC, MPEG-4, DivX, AAC, MP3 codec so that you can play the generated MP4 video on any multimedia device like Xbox One S, PS4 Pro, iPhone 7/8, Samsung Galaxy S8, Kindle HD 2017. If you have a 3D TV and VR Headsets, this VLC video converter also can convert your VLC video to 3D MP4 for VR Box, Gear VR, PS VR, HTC Vive playback.

Besides, you are allowed to configure the video and audio bitrate, frame rate, codec, channel to compress video size and upscale video. "Merge" and "Split" feature are also supported to make you combine multiple files into a single file and separate a whole video to many clips. In short, this VLC video converter is better than VLC itself. If you are looking for a fast, efficient and lossless video conversion, just get Brorsoft Video Converter or Mac version Video Converter for Mac.


How to Batch Convert VLC to MP4 with Brorsoft Video Converter

Step 1. Import VLC files

Run VLC to MP4 converter on PC, and add VLC video files to it by clicking "Add video" icon. You also can directly drag and drop VLC files into the software. If you need to batch convert VLC to MP4, you need to load multiple files at once.


Step 2. Choose output video format

As MP4 is a universally used video format, sure it can be supported by most devices (e.g. mobile devices, TVs, and streaming media players). Click Format bar and choose H.264 High Profile Video(*.mp4), H.264 Main Profile Video(*.mp4), or H.264 Baseline Profile Video(*.mp4) from "Common Video.


Step 3. Convert VLC video files to MP4

Hit Convert button to start converting VLC videos to MP4 format. After the short conversion, you'll get MP4 videos compatible with a plenty of devices.

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