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Embed MP4 Video Clips to PowerPoint (2007, 2010, 2013, 2016)


You may have tried to add some MP4 videos to PowerPoint slide, but something frustrating, you may encounter kinds of issues when insert MP4 video clips to PowerPoint (2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 included).

Generally, while embedding MP4 to PowerPoint, these are the most common problems people run into:

- PowerPoint doesn't recognize the video format, video codec or audio codec of your MP4 movie clip.
- MP4 videos show an error and can't be inserted into your slides at all. Older versions like Powerpoint 2003 or 2007 suffer from this, exotic video formats can be another reason.
- Especially if you're using an older operating system (Windows Vista, Windows 7) and/or an older Office version (2007, 2010), missing codecs can be an all too familiar occurrence.

Any Solution to Insert MP4 to PowerPoint without hassle?

Method 1. Upgrade your PowerPoint

As far as we know, only PowerPoint 2013 and later can support MP4 file format. If you want to play MP4 in PowerPoint freely, upgrade your app.

Method 2. Install QuickTime player for PowerPoint 2010

If you stick with your old PowerPoint 2010, please make sure:

1. The QuickTime player must be installed on your computer, and then you can insert an Apple QuickTime movie (.mov, .mp4) file.

2. A 64-bit version of QuickTime or Flash, or a 32-bit version of PowerPoint 2010 must be installed, if your PowerPoint is 64-bit version.

Method 3. Convert MP4 to PowerPoint more compatible WMV format

As far as we know, a video or audio codec is not installed on your computer or is not supported by your version of PowerPoint, the video file you'd like to use just won't work. Since MP4 is not supported well by PowerPoint, the simple and efficient solution is to convert MP4 to WMV, MPG format, which are universal formats among all versions of PowerPoint. This solution will ensure that you can insert MP4 into PowerPoint slide successfully.

To get the job done, you can turn to Brorsoft Video Converter. This program can help you easily and quickly encode MP4 videos to PowerPoint friendly WMV, MPG while keeping the excellent output quality. Besides, it also features basic editing features such as trimming, merging, cropping, watermarking, and audio replacing facility. By using the trimming action you can clip a specific duration from a video clip and turn it into PowerPoint preferred format. If you insert MP4 video into PPT on Mac(macSierra), turn to Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac. Now, please download the most suitable program according to your need and follow the corresponding tutorial.


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How to Convert MP4 to PowerPoint Supported Formats

STEP 1. Load MP4 videos

Click the "Add" button to load MP4 files from your computer or other devices like USB device, camcorder, MP4 player, etc. You can also directly drag the files you want to convert to the main interface. Batch conversion is supported so you can add as many files as you like at one time.


STEP 2. Select output format

Click Format bar and choose your desired format. To embed MP4 to PowerPoint, you can choose WMV, MPG or AVI format from Common Video profile list.


STEP 3. Edit the MP4 videos (Optional)

Click the "Edit" button and edit your videos before processing format conversion. There are main seven functions available: Trim, Crop, Text Watermark, Image/Video Watermark, Effect, Audio Editor, and Subtitle.


STEP 4. Start the conversion

Click "Convert" to begin converting MP4 to PowerPoint compatible video files. After the conversion, you will get the desired videos in the destination folder. Now start inserting MP4 files to your PowerPont:

Open your PowerPoint presentation and click "Insert". For PowerPoint 2013 and 2016, click the Video drop-down arrow, then select Video on My PC. Locate and select the desired video file, then click Insert. For PowerPoint 2007, choose Movie and select the video clips. For PowerPoint 2003, select "Movie and Sounds" > "Movie from File" to choose the video clips.

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