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Stream Muisc, Photos & Video on your iPhone to TV for Playback


The iPhone has access to a huge volume of content like photos, games and streaming video. Your television can play that content in all of its glory, offering a huge improvement over your phone's small display. In this article, we offer you a full guide on how to stream Music, Photos & Videos on iPhone to TV in a simple and efficient way.

Apple users can rejoice, as AllCast has finally made its way to the iOS App Store as a free download. AllCast for iOS is compatible with the following streaming devices:

Apple TV
Amazon Fire TV
Xbox 360 and Xbox One
Samsung TV, Sony TV, and Panasonic TV

Check out the guide below to get AllCast set up on your iOS device so you can easily send damn-near all your media to your preferred streaming device. In this guide, I'll be using a Chromecast, but the process will be the same for whatever device you're using.

Grant Access to Photos & Connect to Chromecast

When you first open AllCast, grant the application access to your photos. From there, choose what type of media you want to stream- photos, videos, or music. Once you figure that out, find your streaming device by tapping on the icon at the bottom-left and going through the list of connected devices.


Stream Photos & Videos

After connecting to your streaming device, you'll be automatically taken to the "Photos" section, which includes both pictures and videos. Go through your media to select a photo or video; it won't show up on your streaming device until you select a particular media file.


At the bottom of any photo you'll have the option to start a slideshow, which will show each photo for a brief moment, going in chronological order through your Camera Roll. Additionally, you can swipe in either direction on your device and you'll see the changes on your TV.

Stream Music

Through the "Music" section, you can stream songs that are either in your device's storage or on your iCloud. Search your music through playlists, albums, and songs.

On your streaming device, song information and album art (if available) will show. You can skip forward, go back, and pause music through the controls along the bottom.


Connect Instagram, Dropbox, Drive, & Other Cloud Sources

In the AllCast menu, you can add additional sources to stream photos, video, and music from. Under "More Sources," you can connect your accounts for Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Google+, as well as a media server.

With Instagram, you can stream the posts in your timeline, your own personal posts, and any posts you've liked. I also connected my Dropbox account and was able to watch the shows and movies I had uploaded.


Conclusion: No matter what the video limit is, AllCast is a must-have app if you've got a streaming device- why wouldn't you want to view all of your personal media in high-definition on your TV.

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