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Converting Canon T6i MP4 to Edit in FCP/iMovie/FCE


In addition to the new 5DS line, Canon recently announced the new EOS Rebel T6i. The EOS Rebel T6i does more, easier, making capturing photos and shooting videos a breeze. However, you will be disappointed when you want to import, play, edit the MP4 video files from Canon T6i in FCP/iMovie/FCE. You may encounter many problems, like importing slowly, or couldn't edit videos smoothly. If you're in such a situation, there is an easy way to fix the issue.

As you see, the Canon T6i MP4 footage is encoded with MPEG-4 AVC/H.264. However, the highly-compressed content does not work well with video editing software except for few ones. Then, how to get Canon T6i video into FCP/iMovie/FCE? A best way is to convert Canon T6i .mp4 files to a more compatible format like ProRes, AIC, something ensuring maximum editing quality and efficiency when working with FCP, iMove and FCE.

Here Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac is highly recommended. With it, you can transcode Canon T6i MP4 to MOV(including ProRes for FCP, AIC for iMovie/FCE...), which will save you both time and trouble. And all you need is to drag the result videos for playing & editing. For this purpose, this article will show you how to transcode Canon T6i MP4 to MOV in detail.

Download Canon T6i video converter:

download_mac.gif (Note: Click here for OS X 10.5)

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Convert and import Canon T6i MP4 footage into iMovie, FCP, FCE

STEP 1: You need to download, install and run the smart Canon T6i MP4 Converter Mac and transfer your MP4 recordings to the program for converting.

Tip: You can join several .mp4 clips together via checking the "Merge into one file" box.


STEP 2: Click on the "Format" bar and choose a best editable format.

a. For editing Canon T6i MP4 in FCP, select Final Cut Pro > Apple ProRes 422 (*.mov) as the output format.


b. Choose iMovie and Final Cut Express > Apple Intermediate Codec(AIC) (*.mov) as output format, so that you can transcode Canon T6i to AIC .mov for FCE/iMovie editing smoothly.


STEP 3: Adjust the video and audio parameters including the Bitrate of Video&Audio, Video Size, Sample Rate, Frame Rate, Audio Channels, etc., by clicking the Settings button for getting the best quality before starting conversion.

STEP 4: click "Convert" button to start the Canon T6i to FCP, iMovie, FCE conversion on Mac OS X.
Once the conversion finished, you can smoothly transfer the converted MOV files to FCP/iMovie/FCE. Enjoy.

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