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Solution to Slow MP4 Playback on VLC Media Player


"Using VLC 2.0 I've recently realised that playback of many of my 1920 x 1080 MP4 files is jerky/stuttery. Not enough to be unusable, but disappointing nevertheless."

If you are facing problems like tearing, stuttering, slow or choppy playback in playing high definition movies and videos, particularly the MP4 in VLC like above quoted, just read this article. From it, you can learn how to resolve choppy MP4 playback in VLC efficiently.

The cause of this slow or choppy playback is usually slow processor speed and less memory. Plus, VLC can play almost all media formats but it does not mean that its codecs are equally efficient at playing all of them. What's more, if only one particular MP4 plays slowly, it's likely that the file itself has errors.

VLC Settings

By experimentation, we solved it. Real fix is to download 64 bit version of VLC - then under preferences -> codecs set Hardware Acclerated Encoding to "directX video acceleration DXVA 2.0 The playback was smooth.

Alternate Programs

There are many types of video files, and not every video playback program handles each type perfectly. Different players use different systems to decode video - some don't even rely on codecs - so trying another player may solve slowdown. So, try VLC alternatives like Media Player Classic, Apple's QuickTime Player or iTunes.

Damaged Files

If only one particular MP4 plays slowly, it's likely that the file itself has errors. Video file errors can manifest in several ways, such as slowdown, skipping, stuttering or the inability to use the seek bar. If you downloaded the file from the Internet, try redownloading it in case the file was corrupted during download. If you were given the video file directly from the creator, ask them to test whether it works for them, and to render it again it if not.

Convert/Tweak MP4

VLC can play almost all media formats but it does not mean that its codecs are equally efficient at playing all of them. Since MP4 is a video container which container different codecs, frame, video bitrate, etc, sometimes VLC can't handle it well. In this case, you'd better convert the MP4 to other video formats or adjust the video codec to VLC media player supported video format/codec.

Brorsoft Video Converter is the one we want to recommend for you. You can install this software one the Windows and Mac, including the latest Windows 10 and macOS High Sierra. With the high stability, you can can do batch video conversion including MP4, MKV, MOV, VOB, WMV, FLV, MPG, MTS, MXF, TiVo, etc with fast ultra fast speed.

For smooth playback in VLC, you can convert the MP4 to other video formats you want. With the comprehensive video settings, you can adjust the video related parameters, like the video codec, video frame, video bitrate, video resolution, audio codec, audio channels, etc to fit on VLC. You also can edit the video with the built-in video editor, you can cut the video into smaller video size, you also can split the video into some clips, you also can add the subtitles to video, etc.

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How to convert MP4 for playing with VLC media player

This guide uses Video Converter Windows version screenshots. The way to change MP4 for VLC on Mac is almost the same. Just make sure you get the right version according to your computer operating system.

Step 1: Add MP4 files

Install and launch this best MP4 to VLC Converter; click the Add button to import the .mp4 files to the converter.


Step 2: Choose VLC most compatible format

Click Format bar to choose output format and you can choose AVI, MOV or other common formats.


Tip: You can adjust the parameters by clicking "settings" button, choose the resolution, bitrate, frame rate as you want.

Step 3: Convert MP4 to VLC

Click Convert button to start encoding MP4 files for playing in VLC player.

After the conversion, tap the Open icon in the main interface and you can locate the converted files there. Just add the files to your VLC, and you can play the converted MP4 videos on VLC easily without any issues.

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