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Solution to Hitachi TV Won’t Play MP4 Video from USB


"I have a Hitachi TV (LE24H307) that came with a USB port in the back. I have tried a usb stick with some MP4 movies, but the TV doesn’t seem to recognize that it exists. Any advice on how to do this or how to find out?"

It’s not a fresh topic on viewing video files on TV from a USB, but there are still many guys met issues when play video like MP4 on Hitachi TV. From its user manual, it seems that Hitachi TV supports MPEG-2, H.264 and XviD video codecs. So when you play some other video files like HEVC encoded MP4, your Hitachi TV won't be able to read them well from USB. A good suggestion is to transcode these MP4 files to Hitachi TV supported video formats with right codec.

To finish the job, a video converter is needed. Although there many converters available on the net, Brorsoft Video Converter (or Video Converter for Mac) actually stand out above the others.

Brorsoft Video Converter is supremely easy to use. It can convert any type of MP4 videos to H.264 MP4 not only for playing on Hitachi TV, but also for watching on Samsung TV, Sony TV, Philips TV, Panasonic TV, Hisense TV, etc. Now download the software in right version and follow the guide below.

download_windows.gif download_mac.gif

Drag and drop your target file onto the program, choose an output format like H.264 MP4, customize the resolution to fit your TV, click Convert - and that’s it. Wait for the file to be converted, then click the “Open” button to get the destination video - the video in the opened folder is just the video which can be played on Hitachi TV beautifully.


Plus, it can convert a batch of videos in one operation, and it has the built-in editor provide trim, crop, split, and merge functions for you to customize your source videos.

Editor's Note: For guys who also wanna play Blu-ray, DVD on Hitachi TV, Brorsoft Video Converter Ultimate would do your best favor.

It is an all-in-one Blu-ray/DVD/Video converter that can fast convert any Blu-ray, DVD and common videos to Smart TV supported mp4, mkv video formats without losing quality. Quickly convert virtually any video/DVD/Blu-ray files to all popular video/audio formats like MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV, 3GP, VOB and more. In addition, it also provides 150+ optimized settings to fit your iPhone iPod, iPad, Apple TV, PSP, Xbox HTC, Samsung Galaxy Tab/Smartphones etc. If you're running on a Mac, please turn to Brorsoft iMedia Converter for Mac.

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